Our company has high-tech production. There is anodizing line with capacity of 1,000 tons per month, 4 paint lines and 8 press lines.

Aluminium extrusion.

Aluminium extrusion is a complex process (in terms of technology), which includes a number of operations and the equipment.

Profile is a lengthy product or semi-finished product with adjusted cross-sectional area with comparable in size width and height.

Profile can be classified:
  • on the cross-sectional shape (square, circle);
  • on the complexity of cross-sectional configurations (simple, etc.);
  • according to the method of manufacture ( hot - and coldpressed, welded, etc.);
  • on manufacturing precision (ordinary precision, high precision, etc.) and so on.
Nomenclature of pressed (extruded) aluminium profiles is quite extensive and includes: architectural and building system profiles, profiles for trade and exhibition equipment, profiles of substructures of ventilated facades, protective and decorative profiles, cladding and finishing profiles, profiles for general construction purposes, profiles for formwork, etc.

Process of production of aluminium profiles is divided into two main stages:

1. Making of aluminium pole from primary aluminium ingots with the addition of alloying elements (also possible to use the waste from aluminium production) in the melting and casting machines. Then the poles are sent to the homogenizing furnace.

2. During the process of extrusion blanks take this or that necessary form.

The process includes aluminium extrusion from a closed cavity through a hole in the matrix which corresponds to the cross section of the molded profile.

The main advantages of the pressing process are:
  • the possibility of processing of the metals, which can’t be processed by other methods due to the low ductility;
  • the possibility of obtaining almost any cross-sectional profile;
  • production of a wide assortment of products at the same press equipment with replacement of only the matrix;
  • high level of performance, up to 2-3 m/min
Aluminium painting.

PJSC "Plant of aluminium profiles" produces aluminium profiles with further powder coating according to the international scale of colors and shades RAL.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly and soft technology of high quality protective and decorative coatings. We have our own powder coating lines of polymeric paints infliction produced by leading international manufacturers.

Polymeric powder coating is applied to products of any shape, and the shade selected by the customer with RAL-catalog.

Powder coating technology includes some steps such as surface preparation, application of the powder paint and polymerization.

The main objective of the preparatory phase is to ensure optimum adhesion of powdered paint with the surfaces. Additional surface treatment improves the anticorrosion characteristics of painted product. Next step includes applying of the powder paint by electric spraying. Next step includes forming of the coating. It involves melting the ink layer, the subsequent receipt of the coating film and its rejection and cooling. Reflow process occurs in a special furnace of melting and polymerization. Melting and polymerization occurs at a temperature of 200° C for 15 minutes, after which the powder paint forms a film (polymerizes). Upon completion of the polymerization product is cooled in air.

The main advantages of the application of powder coating are:

  • Increased strength to bending and other mechanical effects;
  • Increased adhesion to the painted surface;
  • Humidity;
  • Resistance to solutions of alkalis, acids and organic solvents;
  • Wide temperature range of coating thickness;
  • Resistance of the coating to the effects of varying temperatures;
  • Decorative;
  • Variety of received invoices;
  • Large spectrum of colors;
  • Reliability: only using of powder paints allows to receive durable, shock-resistant, decorative and protective coatings with anticorrosion and electrical insulation properties.
  • Higher quality and better coating performance properties;
  • Unpretentious care.
Aluminium anodizing.

Anodizing of aluminium profiles is the most reliable way to protect aluminium and its alloys from corrosion. In addition, anodized aluminium profile is not exposed to underfilm corrosion and delamination of coverage. In addition to these protective properties, anodized aluminium profile has excellent decorative qualities.

Anodized aluminium profile, recently, is in great demand due to their properties and aesthetically attractive appearance. It is widely used not only in the construction and architectural design as well as in a variety of interior solutions.

Technology anodizing process includes some steps such as degreasing, etching, brightening, anodizing and sealing.

Our company has high-tech equipment for anodizing, including blasting machine. Blasting process allows to achive more uniform surface and matte finished aluminium profile.

Due to high-tech equipment, PJSC "Plant of aluminium profiles" offers these types of anodized profile:

1. Profile with protective coating (corrosion protection without aesthetic properties).

2 .Profile with a decorative coating (anticorrosive properties plus aesthetic properties of profile).

Our company offers You the application of decorative anodizing the following colors:
  • matt silver (A 01);
  • champagne (A 03);
  • dark champagne (A 04);
  • bronze (A 05);
  • dark bronze (A 06) ;
  • black (А 07);
  • white gold (11.2 A);
  • yellow gold (12 A);
  • Gold (A 14).